Star Wars AT-AT Driver ArtFX+ Statue


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AT-AT drivers are pilots specialized in operating the Imperial Army’s AT-AT walker in the Star Wars universe. First seen on Hoth in Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back , these specialized troops wear a distinctive gray flight suit, armored harness, and the familiar Imperial helmet connected to a chest-mounted computer and life-support system. From tiny details such as the commlink embedded in the glove to the readout on the chest, fans will appreciate the intricacy of this figure. The AT-AT driver even comes with 3 interchangeable arm parts so he can be customized putting on his gloves, wielding his blaster pistol, or standing at parade rest with his hands behind his back. Standing just over 7-inches tall, with magnetic feet, the Star Wars AT-AT Driver ArtFX+ Statue will help prevent Rebel attacks against your collection! Ages 14 and up.

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