Step-Star 3D Puzzle


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Note: Comes unassembled. These wooden put together puzzles are made by Tom Longtin. Laser cut to exactly fit in place. These wooden puzzles are more a work of art then they are a puzzle. Still challenging to put together but rewarding to see the final product. The puzzles are the perfect size for a bookshelf or desk accessory. They are also light-weight, and make great mobiles by tying a loop of string around them. The 100% recycled material is attractive on its own, however, the sculptures can be painted — either acrylic or oil-based paint works well. The sculptures may also be gently disassembled by inserting a small, narrow blade (like a pen-knife) between the interlocking tabs, and can be assembled and disassembled over and over. Tom Longtin is a brilliant graphic artist, computer programmer, and mathematical sculptor. made in Vermont of 100% recycled material parts snap together; no gluing necessary puzzle comes with illustrated instruction sheet number of pieces: 24

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