Swing Disk


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Swing Disk is an exciting game of skill for the whole family. In turn, more and more figures are placed on the disc. In this game, each player must prove skill with steady nerves and calm hands, because the disc can tilt with every turn! To Play: The first player lifts the round disc on the chain in front of them. Now they may take any wooden piece and place it on the disc. As soon as the wooden piece is securely placed on the disc, the player must place the disc in front of the person to their left on the table and hand them the chain. The player who has received the chain now does the same as the first player. This player raises the disc, picks a piece, places it on the disc, places the disc on the table in front of the person to their left, and gives the chain to them. This is continued until a player tilts the disc and the pieces fall down. Players: 2 – 6 Ages: 6+ Contents: Plywood disk, 23 colored pieces & Game instructionsDesigned by: Torsten Marold

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