The Hobbit 2a Hill Lane Hobbit-Hole Statue


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Have you a hobbit-hole? Every hobbit-hole is unique, expressing the personality of its inhabitants with colour, gardens, furniture and the rustic debris of everyday life. Below the wealthy smials of Bagshot Row and the sprawling mansion of Bag End, Hill Lane snakes around the folds of the lower slopes of the Hill, home to some of Hobbiton’s humbler hobbit dwellings. Number 2A, with its pretty turquoise door, is one of these smaller but nonetheless beautiful holes. It is said that on a warm summer evening the hobbit who lives there can be seen enjoying a well-earned Southfarthing ale. This stunning 2a Hll Lane Hobbit-Hole Statue measures about 3 1/2-inches long x 2 3/4-inches deep x 1 3/4-inches tall.

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