The Pentagon Tiles


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This challenging puzzle was part of the Edward Hordern Puzzle Exchange that was held at IPP32 (International Puzzle Party) hosted in Washington, DC in August of 2012

Your “Mission Impossible” from THE PENTAGON, Washington…
– Choose a set of 9 pieces by excluding one of the 4 PentaPenTiles (3 possible sets).
– Place the 9 pieces of the set into the frame and achieve the following challenges:

  1. no symmetry requirement
  2. the gaps are distributed symmetrically (5-fold symmetry)
  3. 2 gaps have the shape of a pentagram (star)

This message will self-destruct after being read…

Designed by: René Dawir
Made by: Marcel Gillen

Object Fit 9 pieces into the frame.
Difficulty Level 9 – Gruelling
Brand Marcel Gillen
Types Packing Puzzles, René Dawir
Dimensions 15.5 cm x 15.5 cm x 0.9 cm / 6.1 in x 6.1 in x 0.8 in
Packaging Cardboard Box