The Walking Dead Carol Peletier 1:6 Scale Action Figure



The Walking Dead Carol Peletier 1:6 Scale Action Figure:

The 1:6 scale Carol Peletier action figure stands approximately 11-inches tall. The fully articulated action figure features mixed-medium materials, signature weathering paint application, and highly detailed sculpt featuring the realistic likeness of Carol Peletier as portrayed by talented Melissa McBride in The Walking Dead television series. Carol is dressed in a long-sleeve shirt, jeans, belt, and boots. For added protection, Carol can also be equipped with an armored vest, waist pad, kneepads, elbow guards, shin guards, and magazine bandolier. Carol comes prepared with even more accessories.

The Walking Dead Carol Peletier 1:6 Scale Action Figure comes with the following:
1x Knife with sheath
1x Pistol with holster
1x Assault rifle
1x Pair of relaxed hands
1x Pair of fists
1x Left hand for holding the knife
1x Right hand for holding firearms

Carol’s post-apocalyptic journey has been a long and uncertain one. Dealing with heartbreak and loss at just about every turn, Carol has opted for a distant, more guarded life. But when hiding away doesn’t change the brutal reality of this world, Carol finds herself back in the midst of war – fighting side by side with friends old and new in a position of leadership.


Theme:Walking Dead

Product Type:Action Figures

Character:Carol Peletier

Celebrity:Melissa McBride

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