ThreezeroX Ryu Oyama Ultraman Belial Action Figure



ThreezeroX Ryu Oyama Ultraman Belial Action Figure:

High-end figure designed by Ryu Oyama!Features 87 points of articulation and measures 13 1/2-inches tall! Interchangeable head sculpts with LED light-up functionality! Figure contains a multitude of accessories to create 2 unique verions of Belial!Designed by renowned sculptor, Ryu Oyama, this high-end figure features a unique and detailed take on Ultraman Belial. The arch enemy of Ultraman Zero, Belial was once an Ultra Warrior of the Land of Light but plunged into evil due to his desire for more power. This ThreezeroX Ryu Oyama Ultraman Belial Action Figure stands approximately 13 1/2-inches tall and is fully articulated with over 87 points of articulation including the finger joints of the Kaiser Belial hands. The head and hands are interchangeable and feature 2 alternative designs based on Belial in Mega Monster Battle Ultra Galaxy: The Movie. and Kaiser Belial in Ultraman Zero: The Revenge of Belial. The standard Belial design has 1x pair of opened hands, and 1x pair of hands for holding the included Giga Battlenizer. The Kaiser Belial design features enlarged claws with fully articulated finger joints and a cape made partly of fabric. LED light-up features are installed in the eyes for both head sculpts and the Color Timer on Belial’s chest. Detailed paint treatments have been applied to highlight all the artistic details of Oyama’s sculpted work.



Product Type:Action Figures

Batteries Included:No

Batteries:AG1 x 3, AG13 (LR44) x 2

Packaging Height:13.50 inches (34.29 cm)

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