Timur’s Biaxe

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Evgeniy Grigoriev is an acclaimed puzzle designer from Russia who has handmade and assembled his own line of twisty puzzles using 3D printing that he has branded “Living Puzzles” by Grigorusha. The Timur’s Biaxe was made with permission from drawings of Timur Evbatyrov. It is an interesting and rare puzzle. From the Designer: “I wanted to try this puzzle ever since I have made the Constellation Six. The point was to get regular pentagons instead of circles in the face centers. This was only possible by changing the angle between axes from 120° to 130.42°. As a cost, the puzzle has lost its rotational symmetry and one working axis. So, here’s the Biaxe ([bi-‘aks]) – a challenging puzzle with only 2 possible moves.” Please understand this is a hand-made product!The plastic is printed on 3D-Printer from SLS-nylon, completely polished and painted. Stickers are made of Oracal film.This puzzle is different from the products in mass production from the store.You can also play with it many times, but you must remember that this is a fragile product.You get a fully assembled puzzle – this is an excellent specimen for the collection! Handmade item Materials: 3D Printer, Oracal Designer: Evgeniy Grigoriev

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