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This puzzle has been beautifully made by Pelikan with perfect tolerances and a couple of tiny magnets prevent the pieces falling out of position. There are a good few linear sliding and rotational movements possible and careful analysis of the board shapes is required to get the pieces into just the right positions to allow a clever rotation to occur. Designed by: Osanori YamamotoMeasures: 7 cm x 7 cm x 5.6 cm / 2.8 in x 2.8 in x 2.2 in Material: Bubingo, Ash and magnets Difficulty: 13.3.4 (rotation required) This is a breakdown of moves to free each piece sequentially. This puzzle was crafted in Europe with absolutely fantastic quality. Each of the puzzles of Pelikan design are unparalleled in their class! Every piece of the puzzle is precisely cut and very well made; you cannot find its equal anywhere else. The diversity in wood makes each puzzle a unique masterpiece.

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