Transformers Ultimates Bludgeon 8-Inch Action Figure



Transformers Ultimates Bludgeon 8-Inch Action Figure:

Master of the Cybertronian martial art of Metallikato, Bludgeon is a highly skilled, ferocious Decepticon warrior. If you’re not familiar with Bludgeon, he’s a leader of the Mayhem Attack Squad, which should give you some insight into his character. This highly-articulated Transformers ULTIMATES! figure of Bludgeon is inspired by the vintage toy and comics, standing 8 1/4-inches at his helmet and featuring interchangeable heads and hands along with an assortment of hand-to-hand combat weapons ready to mete out punishment upon any Autobots that cross him. There’s also a comic-inspired wire bundle that plugs into the bottom of Bludgeon’s head, as if it has been ripped off! You’re not seriously going to pass on the opportunity to add a martial arts Transformer to your ULTIMATES collection, are you?

Accessories include:Toy-inspired headComic-inspired head6 interchangeable handsHead wire bundle (comic-inspired)Katana & sheathWakizashi & sheathTank blasterIon blaster (toy-inspired)Turret shield (toy-inspired)



Product Type:Action Figures


Country of Origin:China

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