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Tri-Trick is an innovative 3-level puzzle. Its ingenious game design is very simple yet surprisingly challenging! Tri-Trick has only one simple rule: Any three adjacent digits form a group, which can be exchanged with another group. And, the goal of the game is to arrange nine scrambled digits into sequential order by exchanging them. There is a golden rule of IQ puzzle design: More combinations makes a game more challenging. So a 4 x 4 cube is definately harder than a 3 x 3 one. As a 3-level puzzle, Tri-Trick goes the opposite way: The lesser combinations makes the game much more challenging! Sounds like impossible? That’s why Tri-Trick’s game design is so unique. Due to its ingenious game design, each level of Tri-Trick is a big challenge. On level one, you play the game with 9 digits. Its combination possibility is over 360,000. On level three, you play the game with 7 digits. Its combination possibility is about 5,000, but it is a lot harder than level one! Tri-Trick gives a lot of fun to people who love challenges. If you like puzzle games, there’s no reason to miss it! Comes with instructions.

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