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Tribond is the Family & Party game of making connections. TRIBOND is the game that asks… “What do these 3 have in common?” The Object: Be the first player to spell out T-R-I-B-O-N-D with game cards and win! Players collect a game card by answering a TRIBOND Threezer or Challenge Threezer correctly. Sample Threezer riddles: What do Comic Books, Ward & Sandwich Shops have in common? A: They have heroes.What do Sesame Street, Meryl Streep & The Odd Couple have in common? A: They have Oscars (The Grouch, Academy Award and Madison)What do a car, a tree and an elephant have in common? A: They have trunks! Contains: 378 cards (1,512 Threezer riddles)6 sided dieRules Ages: 12+ Players: 3 – 12Play Time: Approximately 60 minutes

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