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Kevin Sadler wrote about it:
“On Facebook, Tamás has been designing and producing some absolutely incredible challenges and has worked with Pelikan over the last year to bring them to reality for us all to enjoy, however, I have not seen him design a packing puzzle before. I was surprised and delighted to see the Umbrella amongst the latest arrivals. This packing puzzle has something special which is just what I would expect from Tamás – all the pieces have a unique box like design which allows them to be changed into 2 different shapes. The workmanship required to create this puzzle is astounding – the American Walnut L shaped pieces have a stem and a box round that stem which slides freely into each of the two positions. All the pieces need to be placed into the Ash box. There are quite a lot of solutions and it is a rather delightful soothing process to try and find them. There is always a single voxel gap inside and I have attempted to find solutions which have that gap in various different positions. This is a lovely idea and fun for all experience levels.”

This puzzle was crafted in Europe with absolutely fantastic quality. Each of the puzzles of Pelikan design are unparalleled in their class! Every piece of the puzzle is precisely cut and very well made; you cannot find its equal anywhere else. The diversity in wood makes each puzzle a unique masterpiece.
Material: Ash / American Walnut
Designer: Tamas Vanyo

Object Fit all the pieces into the box so that no holes show.
Difficulty Level 8 – Demanding
Brand Pelikan
Types European Wood Puzzles, Tamas Vanyo, Packing Puzzles
Dimensions 8.9 cm x 6.9 cm x 6.4 cm / 3.5 in x 2.7 in x 2.5 in
Packaging Cardboard Box