US Navy Martin P-6M Seamaster 1:136 Scale Plastic Model Kit


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From Atlantis comes the US Navy Martin P-6M Seamaster 1:136 Scale Plastic Model Kit! The kit comes molded in navy blue, with the clear part for the windshield, upgraded decals, and clear swivel stand. Measures 9-inches long with a wingspan 14 1/2-inches. Officially licensed by the Department of the Navy. Look for the Official Navy Hologram on our Kit. Skill level 2. The Glenn L. Martin Company, builder of the famous China Clipper, and well known for a line of successful seaplanes, designed and built the world’s first multi-jet seaplane bomber, the P6M-1 SeaMaster, in the early 1950’s. While the jet age was still in its infancy, this remarkable seaplane displayed several advanced features in addition to a flashing performance for such a large seaplane. The SeaMaster was developed for the Navy specifically for mine laying and photo reconnaissance duties, and was capable of operating from nearly any large body of water. To preserve the clean lines of it’s sleek hull, the SeaMaster carried its weapons in a un

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