V-CUBE 7 (7x7x7): Illusion - Black and White


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The V-CUBE™ 7 “ILLusion” is now available, for a limited time, which offers a different challenge to cubers! It is made up of black and white cubies, making a checkerboard scheme on the cube, which may look effortless to solve, but look again, hence its name V-CUBE™ 7 “ILLusion”! Cubers who enjoy a little less intensified challenge will enjoy this cube and help build up cubing skills.You can enjoy the challenge of solving this bi-colored cube yourself, and you can also give one to your friends, family and co-workers as a pleasant home or office decor that they will be able to use and brag about!Order now, you do not want to miss this chance to own the V-CUBE™ 7 “ILLusion”!The V-Cube 7 is made from high quality black and white plastic. The purpose of this puzzle is to scramble up all 6 sides of the cube and then be able to put them back so that each has a checkered pattern on it. This cube is slightly rounded to allow for better manipulation, and is extra challenging because it has 7 layers, which was made possible by V-CUBE™ technology. This technology, invented by a Greek engineer named Panagiotis Verdes, makes it possible to create cubes with an unlimited number of layers while maintaining a sturdy frame and a smooth rotation.*** Cubes become less stable as the number of pieces (cubes) increase in rotational puzzles. On the higher number of pieces cubes such as 6×6 cubes and 7×7 cubes even slight forcing can cause the cube pieces to come apart. This is not a defect it is a normal characteristic that is associated with higher piece cubes . If this happens please look at the link we have enclosed here to help put the cube back together. ***

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