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Not content with giving us one 3x3x3 cube in a box puzzle (Belt Cube 3), Osanori and Pelikan have released another, even more difficult version, rather descriptively named W-Windows. The name clearly comes from the fact that it has a nice cubic box with 2 windows in it (not the usual diagonally opposite holes) and two of the pieces have a definite W shape to them. Make with combinations of either Apple and Ovangkol or Oak and Wenge woods.

This puzzle was crafted in Europe with absolutely fantastic quality. Each of the puzzles of Pelikan design are unparalleled in their class!

Every piece of the puzzle is precisely cut and very well made; you cannot find its equal anywhere else.The diversity in wood makes each puzzle a unique masterpiece.

Designed by: Osanori Yamamoto
Difficulty: 17 (10.5.2) The brackets indicate the breakdown of moves to free each piece sequentially.

Object Take apart and reassemble the wooden pieces
Difficulty Level 8 – Demanding
Brand Pelikan
Types Osanori Yamamoto, European Wood Puzzles
Dimensions 5.5 cm x 5.5 cm x 5.5 cm / 2.2 in x 2.2 in x 2.2 in
Packaging Cardboard Box