Wandering Tuttminx DIY – Black Body

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The Wandering Tuttminx looks like a planet full of starbursts, and it was built upon a previous version of a similar puzzle. It comes assembled, but not stickered. Included is a pack of DIY stickers that includes more than 32 colors so that you can customize your own puzzle or have extra stickers if necessary. Stickering this puzzle will likely take more than 2 hours. The gears on every face can rotate independently. The original idea was to allow a fast recovery if you don’t want the challenge of the added difficulty. In short, hexagonal face has 3 fold symmetry. A 120/240 degree rotation is needed to enable rotation of neighboring faces. Please note that the legal movement restrictions for the original Tuttminx still apply. Made of ABS Plastic with PVC stickers.

Sold by: Puzzle Master