Wasgij Destiny Retro #1: The Best Day of our Lives!

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Don’t puzzle what you see…. Puzzle the future! This Wasgij Destiny is sure to get you reminiscing about your school days, with mischievous classmates, young romances and grumpy teachers. Will the students have the same personalities at this school reunion years later? Try to imagine how the school canteen might look today and how much the pupils would have grown up. This is the scene you will have to puzzle. The Wasgij Retro puzzles have been specially re-launched as part of our 20th Anniversary celebrations, to give new Wasgij fans and avid collectors, wanting to complete their collections, the chance to piece together where it all started for us. 1000 Pieces Finished Size: Approx. 68 x 49 cm / 27 in x 20 in Made by: Jumbo InternationalIllustrated by: Graham Thompson

Sold by: Puzzle Master