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As the name suggests, (Winkel translates to “angle”) the object of this attractive wooden puzzle is to fit all the angled rulers into the wooden frame. Not to confuse anyone, but in carpentry, these rulers would be known as squares! So, darn that 1/4 inch – it just doesn’t seem to fit! A wonderful packing puzzle made in contrasting colors of laser cut wood by Jean-Claude Constantin.

Jean-Claude Constantin lives in Germany, where he designs and manufactures many different wood and metal puzzle, as well as magic tricks.

Object Fit all the angled rulers into the tray.
Difficulty Level 8 – Demanding
Brand Jean Claude Constantin
Types Jean Claude Constantin, European Wood Puzzles
Dimensions 15 cm x 15 cm x 1.5 cm / 5.9 in x 5.9 in x 5.9 in
Packaging Shrinkwrap