Wonder Woman Lynda Carter & Cape Variant Maquette Statue


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Limited edition statue features Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman! Based on her look in Season 1 of the 1975 TV series. Meticulously detailed, she stands about 13 1/2-inches tall with her Lasso of Truth. Lynda Carter is Wonder Woman! Sculpted by Trevor Grove and Matt Black, this beautiful Wonder Woman Season 1 Lynda Carter with Cape Variant Maquette Statue is a limited edition that features Lynda Carter as she was seen in Season 1 of the Wonder Woman TV series in 1975. Her beautiful red, white, and blue cape is meticulously detailed down to the stars and stripes. Made of polyresin, Wonder Woman stands about 13 1/2-inches tall, with her hands at her hips and her Lasso of Truth at the ready.

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