Wonder Woman Rebirth Museum Masterline 1:3 Scale Statue


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So long as life remains, there is always hope… and so long as there is hope, there can be victory! Prime 1 Studio is proud to present another stunning addition to the Museum Masterline Series: The 1:3 Scale Wonder Woman Rebirth from DC Comics. Dressed in her iconic armored, red chest plate and blue, leather gladiator’s skirt, Diana’s focused attitude was attentively sculpted and meticulously painted to portray strength and beauty. Standing perched on the edge of battle with her smoke and rubble themed base, this Wonder Woman is prepared for battle, equipped with the Sword of Athena, her Amazonian shield, and the Lasso of Truth. Diana’s incredibly heroic cape is both poseable and removable. Made of polystone and other materials, it measure roughly 29-inches tall. Diana, princess of the Amazons and daughter of Queen Hippolyta, is Themyscira’s greatest warrior. Born of clay, she was imbued with the power of the Gods themselves. Wonder Woman ventured forth into Man’s World not only to fight the forces of

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