WWE Championship Collection Asuka Statue with Magazine


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Nobody is ready for Asuka! The Empress of Tomorrow, Asuka travelled across the ocean to join our WWE Championship Collection! Born and raised in Osaka, Japan, Asuka is the record-breaking warrior of women’s sports entertainment. Asuka has repeatedly declared she can’t be touched in the ring. A fierce Japanese Superstar who wears kaleidoscopic battle gear and takes joy in taunting her rivals! Using her perfect techniques she took down everyone on her way from Becky Lynch to Bayley. This fantastic metal resin Asuka figurine captures the fierce superstar in the outfit she wore at the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble 2018. Dressed in colourful attire, she steps forward with her arms out in a taunting style pose. The figurine is masterfully hand-painted and stands at almost 4 1/2-inches tall on a ring style WWE base!

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