WWE Championship Collection Ultimate Warrior Statue


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Always believe. Hailing from Parts Unknown, the mysterious, intense Ultimate Warrior joins our WWE Championship Collection! Witness the power of Ultimate Warrior, one of the most colourful and exciting Superstars in WWE history. The Ultimate Warrior represented the peak of WWE Superstardom in the early 1990s with his flowing mane, muscled arms and warpaint covering his face. After leaving the world of sports entertainment in 1998, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014. This fantastic metal resin Ultimate Warrior figurine captures the legendary Superstar with his arms held up to the sky and head tilted back in a famous pose. He is wearing his signature painted war mask and green, pink and orange in-ring attire. The figurine is masterfully hand-painted and stands at almost 5 1/2-inches tall on a ring style WWE base!

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