Yummy World Matty Macaroni & Cheese Interactive Plush


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You feta believe plush is about to get extra cheesy with the new Yummy World Matty Macaroni & Cheese 12″ Large Plush. America’s favorite comfort food is making a magical plush debut in Yummy World with a cheesy mac-gic show oozing with fun. The Marvelous Matty Macaroni and his three cheesy pasta plush assistants Brie, Colby & Shelly take the main stage this summer to make mac n’ cheese magic. Yellow powder? POOF… Gooey cheese! With a wave of a spoon, cheesy plush pasta is gone! Macaroni & Cheese never looked so gouda as it does in this plushie form. Make cheesy and mac-gical moments every day with the new interactive Yummy World Matty Macaroni & Cheese Large Plush.